Midterm Survival Guide for Freshman

Being a freshman in college means new-found independence and eating whatever you want. However, it also means first time mid-terms. Surviving mid-terms is more than taking the tests and passing, it involves planning from all different aspects of daily life.

1. Planning. Write out your schedule for the week of mid-terms so you not only know when your tests are, but also so you can plan when to study and eat. During midterms, you can know how to plan for finals by utilizing the syllabus and planning accordingly so you can avoid procrastinating.

2. Sleeping. During midterms, it is extremely important to get enough sleep during this week so you can feel your best and perform your best, both while studying and taking the tests.

3. Eating. What you eat is very important, especially when you are spending a lot more time in your day studying or testing. During midterms, it is especially good to get in fruits, vegetables, and proteins and avoid sugars like soda and ice cream so your body can have natural energy and feel cleaner and more awake throughout the day.

4. Get Help. If you are struggling in a class, do not be worried about getting help in the course. You can find a study group within your class to join, attend office hours, or go to any of the offices provided to students for extra help: Office of Academic Skills, 2nd floor of Miller Library, Quantitative Skills Center, Main floor of Miller Library, and the Writing Center, Goldstein 106.

By following these guidelines and creating your own schedule during midterm week, you should be able to survive them with confidence and experience for future exams for the rest of your college career.


Sarah Murali

Staff Blogger

Photo credit: https://thoughtcatalog.com/molly-mcmanimie/2014/09/8-struggles-only-a-grad-student-will-understand/

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