Testing Your Limits

If you are someone who thinks you’re only good at certain tasks, think again. I recently enrolled in a ballet class and it has been everything and more than I bargained for. Not only is it taught by an incredibly talented professor, Professor Cannon, but it is a class that allows you to push your physical limitations. I had previously taken dance lessons but nothing as structured and technical as ballet.

Ballet has taught me so much in the month I’ve been attending classes. It’s a working class so what you put into it is what you get out of it. I go into class with a positive attitude telling myself that I can make it through the rest of the day since it’s a class later in the day. Second, I stretch and stretch and stretch. This is a time for me to get myself focused and loose before I hit the barre and work just about all my muscles.

But aside from all that, I’m always leaving that class breathless and with a huge smile on my face. And that right there says it all. That’s how you should feel walking out of a class that tests your limitations. You shouldn’t be frustrated and think you can’t do something. You should be able to take that extra step and take the leap of faith. Sometimes it really is worth it.


Savannah Masterson

Social Media Editor

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