Fall Family Weekend

This weekend is Fall Family Weekend! Naturally, I’m sure everyone is more than excited to see their families, and to have them bring any absolute necessities, aka more snacks. Personally, I cannot wait to see my parents and siblings. While we are all having a ton of fun here, I have been missing home recently, and I know for a fact my mom has been missing me! Nothing compares to the daily “I miss you xoxoxox!” texts, which will make this weekend extra special for her.

To celebrate this weekend, the school is holding a multitude of events. The festivities begin Friday morning with the Kohl Open Gallery, which will last throughout the afternoon. Families will then be checked in at the Center for Career Development. As dinner time rolls around, it’s a perfect time to hit one of the local restaurants you’ve been dying to show your family before returning to campus for the Pre-Inauguration Celebration and Fireworks. On Saturday, you can bring your family down to the Chestertown Farmers Market to check out products from local vendors and artisans. Your family will also have a second chance to check-in on Saturday morning. The rest of the day includes the much-anticipated Inauguration and Inauguration Luncheon, a Campus Garden Open House, a Field Hockey Game, and the 11th Annual Cardboard Boat Race. For dinner, feast away on a Maryland delicacy at the Phi Delta Theta Annual Crab Feast, followed by an Ice Cream Social.

Whether your family lives near or far, this weekend is an excellent time to have a much needed reunion. Make sure you get out there and treat your family to the full Goose Nation experience at all of the Fall Family Weekend Events! And make sure to willingly give and accept big hugs when the weekend comes to an end!

Jacklyn Russo

Staff Blogger



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