Hurricane Irma Leads to the Creation of Hilarious Facebook Events

When she first formed, they paid no attention to her. After all, it was just another hurricane. When Irma became the largest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, however, Floridians scrambled to prepare for the monster storm.

Once windows were boarded, water was bought, and houses were prepped, Floridians turned to an unlikely source to make light of a bad situation; ironic Facebook event pages.

As a Floridian, these joke event pages steadily began to show up in my news feed as more and more of my friends and family marked themselves as interested in events like “Throw Hands at Hurricane Irma” and “Spinning your arms really fast to push away Hurricane Irma.”

Just in case spinning arms didn’t work as planned, someone scheduled “Everyone point your fans at the hurricane to blow it away.” There was also “Why don’t we just PUSH Florida somewhere else.” This event was scheduled through Sunday, September 10th, when Irma made landfall in the US. The event description for this read “It’s time to save Florida before the catastrophe, make sure you share so we can really gather the forces.”

A few other noteworthy Irma events:

• “Shoot at Hurricane Irma”

• “Fidget spin clockwise to cancel out Irma”‘

• “Care Bear stare at Hurricane Irma”

• “Leave debris scattered in your yard so Irma thinks she already hit you”

• “Ignore the hurricane because climate change is a hoax”

• “Throw coconut oil into the hurricane”

And my personal favorite:

• “Tell Irma she’s a strong independent woman who don’t need no land”

While I was 1000 miles away from home, my entire family was in the direct path of the record-setting hurricane. If anything, all of the joke events helped me to cope and gave me a few laughs in what was otherwise a pretty stressful week. Once again, the Internet won.

Jessie Ngo

Staff Blogger

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