Meet Jazz

We all love and adore our pets. Many of us miss them dearly and want to be reunited with them as quickly as possible. But there is a cheat system! If you talk to your parents everyday, tell them you want pictures of your best pals. I probably send my mom a dozen text messages solely asking to see my dog, he’s my favorite. So let me introduce to you Jazz!

Jazz is my almost two year old black lab who is getting ready for his first season of waterfowl hunting. His favorite hobbies include cuddling, watching Disney movies, eating ice cubes, and chasing his kitten friend Ford. He loves people and lots of back scratches. Jazz is the perfect social companion and loves to go on car rides to new places. I personally would love for him to come visit soon but I don’t have a way of getting him down here.

If you or someone you know wants their pet featured on the blog, send any requests to


Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

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