Alpha Omicron Pi’s Blue Week

If you’ve been around campus this week, you have probably noticed AOII and blue all over the place to recognize AOII’s Blue Week. Every fall, AOII has a week of different activities to raise awareness and proceeds for their philanthropy, juvenile arthritis. This week’s schedule includes:

• Monday: 50/50 Raffle

• Tuesday: Making Get Well cards for children suffering with Juvenile arthritis

• Wednesday: Pie in the Face at Martha Washington Square

• Thursday: Cookie Decorating at Hodson

• Friday: Joints in Motion Yoga Session at the Egg from 4:30- 6:00

• Saturday: AOlympics at the Green starting at 10:30

AOII’s philanthropy chairs, Pria Dutt and Valerie Fischer, discussed the importance of awareness was towards juvenile arthritis, “Juvenile Arthritis is not commonly recognized or thought about, making our efforts that much more vital. Blue Week is a tradition we bring to campus to get all of Washington College involved in raising funds and awareness for Juvenile Arthritis in a fun and interactive way!” AOII’s Blue Week proceeds goes towards the Arthritis Foundation Fund, researching for better treatments and possibly a cure one day! For more information about AOII and their philanthropy juvenile arthritis, visit the website:


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

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