The Transition to College

My transition from high school to college was confusing, daunting, awkward, and exciting all at the same time. The first week was a rush of people, names, places, events, and trying to get used to showering with shoes on. So, here are 21 thoughts that crossed my mind during the first week of my transition. 

  1. I have no idea what to say for my icebreaker fun fact. 
  2. Can they give out free snow cones every Monday? 
  3. Did I really pay all that money just for an access code? 
  4. I hope someone I know is in the dining hall because I really don’t want to eat alone.
  5. Can everyone tell I’m a freshman? 
  6. Someone please explain the difference between the Egg and the Nest. 
  7. I hope mom isn’t busy because I have no idea how to use the washer or the dryer. 
  8. I really, really love waffles. 
  9. Hey, that’s the girl who always posts on the Groupme! 
  10. Why is the rest of campus on the other side of the road? 
  11. I’m totally going to be a gym person from now on. 
  12. Or not… soft serve ice cream and a popcorn machine? Is this what college is like? 
  13. What on earth is the CAC? 
  14. I’m probably going to spend all of my dining dollars on coffee from Java George. 
  15. Note to self: go to office hours. 
  16. Oh my god how is he reading all of their minds. 
  17. Is singing the alma mater every time you print something at the library actually a thing? 
  18. My future husband could be here. 
  19. Not signing up for an 8am was the best decision I’ve ever made. 
  20. This is the most intense game of bingo I’ve ever played. 
  21. I can’t believe I finished my first week of classes! 



Jessie Ngo

Staff Blogger

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