The Dreaded Night Before A Quiz

Now that it’s week two of the semester, that means quizzes are upon us. Many students fear a quiz so early in the year and I’m right there with them. I took break from studying from my world politics notes to share ideas on how to calmly prepare for the first quiz of the year.

  1. Don’t Study Everything The Night Before. This seems like a no brainer but honestly, so many people do it. If you know about the quiz ahead of time, break down the information and study a little each night. Then before the quiz, look over all your notes collectively.
  2. Be patient with yourself. You’re not going to memorize the information overnight, unless you’re Lexi Grey. Remember to take breaks every now and then because staring at the information for hours on end isn’t going to help you obtain it.
  3. Take a snack break. Decaffeinated tea or coffee and even water are all good things to drink while studying. Eating pretzels or crackers are ideal snacks but a cookie may not hurt either. Try not to drink so much caffeine unless you’re pulling an all nighter.
  4. Don’t Over Stress. Stressing doesn’t make you ace the quiz, hard work does. Be mindful of how much you panic. It’s okay to be nervous but don’t go into full blown “I’m going to fail” mode because that gets you nowhere. Take a deep breath, read over all the questions and answers, and have faith in yourself.
  5. Sleep! Something that can’t be stressed enough. Not sleeping only sets you up for failure. Aim to get six to eight hours of sleep roughly. Worried about not studying enough? Hit the hay early and then set an alarm an hour or two before your day starts to go over the information.

And now like all the other great students I must go back to studying. Go and ace those quizzes my friends!


Savannah Masterson

Social Media Editor

Picture Credits: Twitter

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