Advice from the Upperclassmen to You

If you’re reading this and you’re an underclassman, I have the “Gabby’s Declassified WAC Survival Guide” being passed from this year’s upperclassman onto you. Here’s our advice to you:

  1. Never miss a social event BUT always put class first; College is full of amazing experiences including parties and on campus events thrown by the SEB! Always take those opportunities because the next four years are going to come and go so fast, there’s no time for the “what ifs or I wish I would’ve”! With that being said, don’t risk a grade for them. There’s always going to be another party and other things going on campus, just put in the time and study. It’ll be worth it in the end!
  2. Take advantage of ALL of WACs opportunities; Make sure you take advantage of everything here because college is more than just the academics. There are so many opportunities that are available to you that are FREE; yes FREE! Opportunities like kayaking, gym classes, the career center and more!
  3. Study Abroad; I know this seems intimidating to some people but studying abroad even for a summer or winter break is such an amazing experience and allows you to grow so much as a person. I would highly recommend studying abroad when you have so many chances for trips that are already planned!
  4. Go downtown; Some of my favorite memories are when I went downtown to EverGrain or Play It Again Sam’s, just to escape campus for a couple hours. Chestertown has so much going on for a little town, like every Saturday they have their own farmers market with fresh foods! Go explore this little town and become an expert on all the best places to go!


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

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