The Best Fall Events as Told By a Senior


At Washington College, some of the best times to be celebrated are during the fall semester! After my four years here, I have a good idea of which events are a “must do” in order to complete your college experience. Here are a few to keep an eye out for:


  1. Homecoming; OF COURSE! Homecoming is a highlight of fall where all the alumni come back to throw down and reminisce on the good days of being a Shore Man or Woman! There’s endless dancing and even better, free food at the end of this event!
  2. Hallow-weekend; Halloween weekend is one of the best weekends during the entire school year. Every night you put on a different costume because let’s be honest, it’s hard picking JUST one. Also don’t forget all the discounted candy you can buy at Walgreens afterwards!
  3. Dhall Thanksgiving; the dining hall’s thanksgiving dinner is one of the best meals I’ve had here at WAC. They make all the holiday favorite foods, which make you want to go up for seconds!
  4. Greek Fall Events; most sororities and fraternities on campus have big events every fall including Kappa Sig’s pancake breakfast, KA’s spaghetti dinner, Phi Delt’s crab feast, Alpha Chi’s casino night, ZTA’s Big Man on Campus and AOII’s Queen of the Roses 5k! All of these events are super fun, affordable and most of the money goes to support the chapter’s philanthropic initiative.
  5. Sports Games; Grab a blanket, a couple of friends and go cheer on our fall sports teams out on the bleachers for a fun fall night! WAC doesn’t have a football team but we do have other fall favorites like lacrosse, field hockey, and soccer!


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

Photo Credit: Gabby Leach


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