How to Survive a Maryland Autumn

If you’re from Maryland, you know the running joke of how quickly the weather can change from raining one moment to being bright and sunny another. This fall will be no different so I’ve put together a couple things you will need to survive this ever-changing weather this semester!

  1. A sweatshirt; I know this feels like a no brainer but you never know if you will be in a freezing classroom or when a random Maryland cold front will hit. Always be prepared and you might as well get a WAC sweatshirt from the bookstore to show some school spirit.
  2. Bean Boots or Duck boots; insulation is key to surviving the cold weather here and in making sure your toes stay nice and toasty! This is also a big fashion statement here, so pair those boots with some leggings and a flannel.
  3. A Thermos; you can fill this up with a warm drink or with the infamous pumpkin spice latte from Java George. You can carry this around with you to your classes, keeping you warm throughout the chilly day.
  4. Uggs; Ugg slippers are the “go to” foot wear for a chilly day. They keep your feet warm, comfy and cute; you can pair these up with some colorful socks. Treat yourself to some Uggs; your feet will thank you.
  5. A circle scarf; you need a big circle scarf to survive this fall. The bigger, the better. You will want to beat the fall winds in full turtle mode by hiding your face in your scarf.



Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

Photo Source: Pinterest


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