Welcome Back WAC

Happy first day of a new semester! Today students have been mingling around campus running to and from classes and what a beautiful day it is for our first day! Faculty and students alike have been wandering around finding their classes, saying hello to friends, and preparing themselves for a successful semester.

SEB gave out snow cones in front of the George Head on Cater Walk early this afternoon to passing students and faculty to kick off the first day. SEB has a great week planned with fun activities like Pinterest Painting on Tuesday, as well as waffles on Wednesday and bingo on Friday! For more info look on the SEB Facebook page as well as the bulletin board in Hodson.

Tonight was also the first full staff meeting for The Elm! We had such a big turn out for each section with lots of young, promising students who wanted to write for our school paper! There are still plenty more opportunities to write for The Elm. Anyone is welcome at our weekly meetings, Monday nights at 6:30pm in the Publishing house.

Have a fantastic week everyone!


Savannah Masterson

Social Media Editor


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