Photography, Lifestyle and Sports

Today’s introduction will be all about our Photography, Sports, and Lifestyle editors. Let’s start this blog off with our Lifestyle editor Dan!

fileDan is a senior studying environmental studies with an economics minor. His dream story would be a fashion piece with President Landgraf where the reporter would give him various outfit choices on what our students consider fashionable or popular. That to me sounds like such a good idea! Plus, his favorite time of year is fall since everyone wears the color olive. I asked him why he started writing and he said, “I’m not sure why I started. I just did it all the time. Looking back, I think it’s because I value creative self-expression, or because my older brother never let me play video games with him.” His favorite WAC tradition is Birthday Ball and his favorite section of The Elm is Lifestyle. He was the Lifestyle editor last year too! Go Dan!

Toris blog photoNext we have our photography editor Tori. Tori is a junior studying environmental studies, political science, and business management. Her photography started out as a hobby and has developed into a business. She loves to photograph sports here at the school. She also has done photos for the dance club. They turned out beautiful! Tori loves the Chestertown Harry Potter Festival when it’s fall and the leaves have all turned. Tori has an idea of bringing a section to the paper about international and study abroad students and their experiences. “They could have a small feature where they have a photo of them or their travel and what they enjoy.”

2016 roster picAnd here we have Sophie Grabiec. Sophie is a sophomore studying English, education, and secondary education studies. Plus she’s also on the field hockey team! Sophie is our Sports Editor this year and her dream story would be to have WAC put in Astroturf. She started writing because she loves to read. Her favorite section of The Elm is Student Life and her favorite WAC tradition is the Spring Concert!


We can’t wait to see all the great things our editors will do this year. Here’s to a great year of stories and fun memories!


Savannah Masterson

Social Media Editor


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