Opinion, News, and Student Life

Today we are introducing the Opinion, Student Life, and News editors! First up is Rosie Alger our Opinion editor.

IMG_4704Rosie is a senior this year and is double majoring in Theater and Anthropology. She has always been interested in journalism and she saw that the student paper would be a great resource for her to learn more. She also likes writing poetry as well as fiction. Writing for the paper has given Rosie an opportunity to strengthen her unique writing style.

I asked what her favorite section was and she answered, “I love Opinion because we get to spotlight important issues happening in the world that might fly under the radar of a news section that has to prioritize pressing events. Opinion gets the creative freedom to put our own voice out there about things that affect lots of people, and it forces you to be honest about why you believe what you do, and to think critically about other peoples’ opinions as well as your own.” Her favorite time of year is summer because she loves the extreme heat and the ability to not wear shoes while spending time outside swimming, hiking, and  doing various other outdoor adventures. “I would take a sweaty, sunny exhausting day over a cold day inside every time.”

Since Rosie is a senior I asked what her favorite WAC tradition was and she said, “I am not huge on traditions but, one thing I do love is that in the theater department, all the professors go by their first names. It really makes for a close community!”


Next up is our Student Life editor, Abby Wargo. Abby is a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in creative writing. She thinks she might want to add another minor. Abby is Student Life’s biggest fan and loves working for that section. If she could do any story for Student life she says she would,
“probably write a mac and cheese review for my section. I have a mac and cheese blog so merging the two things would be cool.” Her favorite WAC tradition would be going to Royal Farms with friends. Abby said that her favorite times of the year are, “fall and spring, minus the allergies. Fall has Halloween and cute clothes, plus school is still fresh and you generally aren’t TOO stressed yet. Spring has my birthday and the return of the sunshine and warmth.”

The last question we asked Abby was why she started writing. She said, “I love to write and I have always had an interest in journalism. I didn’t have a school paper in high school, so I was eager to jump into The Elm once I got here. I have never once regretted it.”


And lastly we have Molly! Molly is also a senior and she is studying political science as well as gender studies. When asked why she started writing she said, “Paige Kube, a previous EIC, was my peer mentor and encouraged us to join The Elm. I’ve always loved writing; in high school I wrote for our literary magazine.” Her favorite section of The Elm is Opinion because she finds the topics very interesting. Her favorite WAC traditions include Birthday Ball and Homecoming, two of the most popular events on campus. She also said her dream story would be an interview with Joe Biden talking about his favorite ice cream flavors. How cool!

Her last question was what was her favorite time of year. She answered, “Fall because the leaves are crunchy and fresh and I love seeing the trees change.”

We can wait to see these amazing and talented ladies in action this year!


Savannah Masterson

Social Media Editor



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