Meet Our Editor-In-Chief

brookes head shot

With a new year for The Elm and The Leaf, there are also new staff members. Over the next few days I’ll be interviewing the various staff members starting with our editor-in-chief Brooke Schultz. Brooke is a member of the Class of 2018 and is majoring in English. When asked why she started writing she said, “I started writing for the student newspaper in high school because my teacher asked me and I didn’t know how to say no. I found that it wasn’t so different from creative writing in its pursuit (sharing information, connecting with people, etc.) and it was a lot of fun gathering information and putting stories together. First week on campus, I joined The Elm.” The first section she wrote for was Student Life and then went on to become a News editor. I asked what would be her dream story and she said, “I’d really like NASA to send me to Mars with their astronauts.” Her favorite time of year is autumn because she loves sweaters and boots, plus she doesn’t like sweating to death. The last question I asked her was what her favorite WAC tradition was and her answer was probably the coolest thing I’ve heard. She said, “This question was a stumper. I can’t think of a thing I do consistently every year, but I think that’s my favorite tradition: The anti-tradition because every year offers something new.” 

We’re so excited to have Brooke as our leader this year and know she will do great things!

cat brooke abby
Picture are from left to right are: Cat Righter (previous Elm editor-in-chief), Brooke Schultz, and Abby Wargo (Student Life Editor).

Savannah Masterson

Social Media Editor

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