New Hats and New Staff!


New and previous editors meet for the last time this semester!


Tonight, the editors of The Elm got together to discuss the final copy of The Elm. We have very exciting articles going out in the next issue. We also have the senior sendoffs. This year, we were blessed to have four seniors on the staff who have done a remarkable job of bringing creativity and their excellent writing skills to The Elm. Be sure to look out for those articles and read all about the seniors of this year’s staff!

With Brooke Schultz as the new Editor In Chief, The Elm welcomes Amy Rudolph, Amy Rohn, Savannah Masterson, Tori Zieminski, Rosie Alger, and Joanna Sperapani all to the editor’s staff. At tonight’s meeting, we had a special final goodbye gift with new hats designed by seniors Brooke Harig and Hailey Craig designed. Check them out in the photo! They’re super adorable!


Savannah Masterson

Social Media Editor


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