End of the Semester Struggles

the struggle.jpeg   We all have hit the point in the semester where we are very much so on the verge of going home and starting off our summers before we even take our final exams. With April getting ready to come to a close, finals week is drawing closer and closer as the days go by. Many students have been struggling to find motivation to finish papers, reply to emails, and even get up to go to classes. Not to mention the lack of excitement to get out of bed to go to dining hall when instead you can easily order Dominos right to your dorm door. With just under a week of lectures and labs left, many student are left wondering if they will have that last bit of strength to finish the semester strong. Have no fear!

    Next week is not a full week because we have Friday off for Reading Day! In reality, we only have six days of classes left. Plus we have many exciting events happening on campus. The Jesse McCarntney concert is this Friday and next week is Shorefest. Both events are being hosted by SEB and are sure to be a lot of fun, energetic, and exciting! If you have any motivation left in you, these two exciting events are worth waiting for!

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo source: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/the-struggling-college-student

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