Rainy Day Blues

IMG_6568.jpgToday is a rather gross and gloomy day. Classes are nearly over, many of us are burnt out, and I’m sure this chilly day is making moods pretty sour. All I want to do is cuddle up in my bed and put off doing my responsibilities, which I can because I am done all my work for the week (yay being a senior)! If you have caught the rainy day blues and feel unmotivated to finish out the semester strong here are some ideas that may make your day better.

  1. Go get an ice cream cone- it may be cold but ice cream can help cheer you up.
  2. Watch a funny movie with friends- humor can turn any gloomy day around
  3. Jump in some puddles- what better way to have some fun than making the most of the rain and acting like a kid again
  4. Seeing a dog – while you may not see one out in the rain you can always look up puppy videos online
  5. Knowing that it’s gonna be warm the rest of the week- you can sit outside and do your work with friends.
  6. Having a cup of tea – embrace the cold with a nice warm beverage!

Hopefully, you can do some of these things to help make your day a little better!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo by Brooke Harig

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