Happy Earth Day!

thumbnail_Earth Day.jpgToday marks the one day out of the whole year that we celebrate the earth, Earth Day! We all love our dear planet and all that inhabits it. Our planet is actually pretty spectacular if you think about it (everyone most definitely should be). It holds almost 10 billion people not even including our pets or wildlife. Not to mention it is home to many beautiful places and wonders that capture our attention. We also really need to learn to take care of our home more too. Recycling is the first place we can all start. All over campus are places where we can place plastic in recycling bins while also recycling cardboard boxes. These two products alone create so much damage to the Earth that not only does it impact humanity but also wildlife. Wildlife is dangerously affected by plastic waste which only hurts their population.

Reducing the amount of water used also helps the environment. Taking shorter showers, using a reusable water bottle helps not only the waste of plastic water bottles but also the amount of plastic. Even not using the dishwasher all the time helps reduce the use of access water which leads to the conservation of energy. Unplugging things that you don’t always use can be a huge step to help conserve energy. Also, not using the dryer in the summer and instead using a clothes line or drying rack helps too. With so many ways to help keep our planet great, everyone should be doing everything they can!

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

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