FOMO: Coachella Edition​

thumbnail_Coachella.jpgLast weekend in California, Coachella kicked off its first weekend of the festival and I have to say, it looked pretty amazing. Every year it seems to grow with abundant sculptures, magical lights, amazing food, and talented artists. Many blogs have already begun talking about the latest Coachella outfits and how everyday people (who don’t get to go to Coachella) can steal those looks for a reasonable price. We all just want to go listen to our favorite artists, hang out with super cool celebrities and eat really cool foods. Looking at all the Snapchat stories, Buzzfeed articles, and celebrity Instagrams makes me wish that I could take a week off from classes, hop on a plane, and miraculously not be broke by the time I get to the festival.

In light of this total fear of missing out on Coachella, I have found other ways to bring Coachella to Washington College. Here are a few tips for those of you wanting to be at Coachella this weekend but sadly can’t.

  1. Grab your friends and start a playlist of songs that will more than likely be performed by visiting artists at Coachella. Or even better, find a playlist that’s already been made.
  2. Take old t-shirts and cut them into strands to make it look like fringe.
  3. Find Pinterest posts that were inspired by hair and makeup artists at the festival.
  4. Have the night of your life thinking you’re at Coachella but really just having a mini festival in your dorm.

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

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