Easter Weekend Extravaganzas

easter-bunny-pictures-geuSfv-clipart.jpgThis weekend is one that involves, chocolate, dying eggs in pastels, Peeps, plastic eggs full of candy and dollars bills, and not to mention visits from the Easter Bunny. Many students have already gone home for the weekend while some are waiting until tomorrow to make the road trips home. Many students are planning to stay on campus to hang out with friends and maybe celebrate Easter by eating the special cookies with bunnies on them or just eating chocolate, which will probably be my plan for the weekend. For those of you who wish to celebrate at church, many churches in town are having Easter Sunday services where everyone comes to church dressed in beautiful dresses and dapper suits. This weekend also marks one of the few weekends left in the semester until the seniors graduate and everyone else prepares for exams. With the forecast saying clouds for today, Sunday will be a high of 85 with sunshine. That’s the perfect weather to go outside play Frisbee, read a book, catch up on homework, or take a walk around town. Take advantage of this realizing that is one probably one of our last relaxing weekends before we’re all stuck in the library researching topics for papers, rehearsing for concerts, and cramming for exams. Don’t forget to take a moment of time for yourself this weekend and go out and have fun!

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo Source: Photo Source

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