Sweet Treats!

This beautiful and warm spring weather puts people in a great mood and it gets them ready for the upcoming hot summer months that will be here soon. Not only does the weather make us want to be outside a much as we can, but it also makes us want some sweet summer treats. It has been a long cold winter of drinking and eating warm things, so now most of us are ready for something that we can enjoy outside. That means ice cream, milkshakes, iced coffee, popsicles, and of course fruit. What’s great about these snacks is that they call can be enjoyed sitting on a bench outside.

Head over to The Freeze to get an awesome milkshake or ice cream cone! Then enjoy it while riding in your car with the windows down.Go grab an iced coffee or something frozen from Dunkin. Not only will it give you a great burst of energy but it will keep you cool while you walk back to campus. Play it again Sam’s has great outdoor seating in the front and in the back of the shop, so you can grab your food and enjoy it with a nice breeze. And of course, you can always pick up some popsicles or even a watermelon at Acme and then enjoy it on The Green while catching some rays.

There are many places to get a sweet springtime treat and even more places to enjoy them. So make sure to take advantage of it before the semester is over.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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