Political Science Senior Poster Symposium


Molli Cole’17 gives her presentation to wrap up the completion of her thesis

Tonight the seniors in the Department of Political Science presented their senior capstone projects to the department as well as students. Each senior came up with an individual and intriguing topic. Starting their junior year, students researched, debated, and formed their topics to create the presentation that they would spend most of their senior year dedicating their time on. Seeking out advisors within the department, seniors look to investigate issues within their study. This evening at the political science symposium, there was so much diversity that each student brought to their presentations that I was able to learn something different from each senior. Molli Cole ’17 discussed the need for Safe Harbor in Maryland, an organization which helps young girls who escaped the human trafficking circle. Patrick Elliot ’17 elaborated on how developing countries who hold events like World Cups and the Olympics are hurting their economies by developing their stadiums which have little to no use after these events.


Walking through all the presentation, I could tell how passionate each senior was about their topic. The took on a topic that they were passionate or interested in and created a presentation that was solely theirs. I was amazed at just how many questions each senior could answer. Their knowledge of their topic was thorough as well as passionate. To all the seniors who presented tonight, you were remarkable! To all the seniors who still have yet to present, you all will do great, think about all the time and effort you’ve put into these projects. It’s all worth it!

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Molli Cole

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