Jesse McCartney Is That You?

thumbnail_who's the lucky artist? .jpgThis month is not only the month were spring arrives but also the month the Spring Concert is held. Rumors are circulating all around campus about who the visiting celebrity will be on our campus. Several students have pieced together the puzzles of the envelopes around the dining hall and believe it to be Chance The Rapper. Several Snapchat stories have shown that some of the letters have spelled out the young rapper from Chicago. Other students have said that Mariah Carey might be the singer that visits Chestertown. Various students have shared their excitement by singing along to “We Belong Together” at Martha’s. After her unfortunate mishap at Rockin New Years Eve a year ago, is she really ready to take the stage? More clues have led many to believe that Jesse McCartney will be the performer at this year’s Spring Concert. Could the long lost childhood heart throb be performing at our school?

I reached out to SEB member Will Hewitt ’20 to ask for any details he might have available. “The announcement won’t be out until tomorrow, but SEB has been preparing since last year. We’re always trying to plan more fun things for campus and have a lot more fun things planned for next semester!” Tomorrow is the big reveal and I don’t think anyone wants to miss out on this exciting, nail biting announcement. Be sure to look out for an email, post, or more clues to see who the artist will be at the Spring Concert!

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

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