Beautiful, Talented, Dancers

thumbnail_IMG_3888.jpgTonight, I had the absolute privilege of sitting in Decker and watching the Dance Club Spring Showcase. I’ve always loved danced growing up but when the showcase began, I was absolutely blown away. The amount of talent these students have is breathtaking and incredible. All the choreography follows perfectly with the music all the while bringing out joy and happiness from the audience. All the dancers grab your attention making you stay engaged, not wanting to take your eyes off the performance. Many dances are choreographed to well-known songs like “Colors” by Halsey, “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor, and even a surprise twist to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.”

As I was sitting in the audience, so many emotions were brought out of me the various intensities of each dance. Some numbers made me smile while others made me cry. Despite the sadness, the dances were all so beautiful, unique, and so well done. Dance Club has so many members who all carry incredible talent but when they all came together, it was unbelievable that the only way I can describe it is magical. There was so much talent on that stage tonight. This showcase deserves so much praise for all the hard work that was put into the show. Friday at 7 pm and Saturday at 7 pm, go out and take the opportunity to see this wonderful show. Dance is an art of its own and this show case is full of artistic interpretation. Go out this weekend to Decker to support the Dance Club!

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Savannah Masterson

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