Working Out without Working Out: A New 25 Step Program to help you Fake it

gymselfies_single_bodyweight.jpgPeople love going to the gym. They love posting about it on social media so everyone can see that they are fit and healthy, and they love to see other people at the gym also being fit and health. If you are not that fit and healthy, like most people tend to be, then this article is for you. Do you want to go to the gym to work out hard but not actually work out hard? Do you want to post pictures of yourself getting “swole” without having to lift anything? Do you want an excuse to wear your cute and comfy workout clothes all day long? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions then I have the solution for you. It is Richard Simmon’s new workout platform “Working out without Working out!” This basic 25 step program will have you looking like a gym rat in no time, and it is complete with moderations for beginners to advanced. Now you can work out like the pros do without actually being in shape. This program is perfect for getting in a workout before class or work so you do not have to be all gross and sweaty at the end. Here are a few samples of the workouts Richard Simmions offers.

  1. The perfect workout selfie: The key to this workout is to have your headphones on making it look like you are really concentrating. There are many variations that can make this workout fit you. You can pose by the weight rack for the perfect Snap Chat story, or lay on the floor stretching for an Instagram picture with a great inspiration caption. Once you have completed this workout, all your followers will believe you are a  hard core gym rat.
  2. Gathering equipment workout: This workout is for advanced persons due to the fact that you may actually exert energy moving things from place to place, but once you get the form down it’s very simple. All you have to do it go get equipment, like weights or medicine balls, and take them to where you are working out. Get one set of something like weights and stand around with them while they are simply sitting on the ground. You can do some stretching and deep breathing to really give the full effect of working out. Then after a few minutes take the weights back grab another piece of equipment and repeat. This exercise really gets the other gym goers thinking that you workout just like them.
  3. Heavy breathing and watch checking exercise: Whats great about this workout is that it allows you to interact with the other gym members. Pick your favorite bench to put your water bottle and phone down on, this can be by the squat racks or over by the dumb bell benches. Then set the weights ups like you would if you were actually going to lift them, now pretend like you have just finished a set! Walk around stretching your legs or arms, breath heavily, check your watch like you are timing yourself between sets, and drink some water while sitting on the bench. The key to this workout is to do this all very slowly, take your time to get the motions down correctly. Once you have them down you can throw in conversation with others! This will help connect you with them and make a much stronger workout.

These are just a few of the workouts Richard Simmons has to offer. Remember to take the workouts slow because they can be difficult to master, and if possible always have a workout partner to help spot you when you try more advanced moves such going in to the weightroom supply closet to looks for new equipment. This 25 step workout plan is essential for making anyone look fit and healthy, so you must complete each step of the process for it to work. Good luck and happy faking it!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source:

April Fools


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