Rest In Peace Create

thumbnail_healthy habits.jpgIt was just recently announced that the beloved sandwich shop, Create will be closing for the rest of the semester. Martha’s has begun to offer some of what Create had to offer which fixes some of the pain of the empty space where Create once thrived. Some days, Create was the perfect place to get a nice sandwich and some veggies. Create’s clever names for their sandwiches were unique and creative but will most definitely be missed for being delicious. Word around campus is that Sophie’s Café as well as Java George will be replaced next semester as well. Sophie’s will be replaced by a 24-hour market with a variety of foods and drinks. Java George will be replaced by Einstein Brother’s bagels. Plans for these new places are not for certain as of now, but The Elm will keep you up to date on any news surrounding the matter. These two new additions will allow students to have more choices as well. The market in the library will better benefit students who are stuck studying or writing papers for hours and need a break from math equations or history papers. Students will have easy access to this new market for when Martha’s is closed along with the dining hall. One question that has been common asked is, will there be healthier options at the new places? Many students loved Create because it provided a fresher alternative that provided more vegetables and grains for students. Although there is lots of sadness surrounding the absence of Create, many students are looking forwards to the new options coming to the college.


Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

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