Breaking News!

KEtgWlYYoN6Ni.gifAs April Fools is fast approach so is an exciting new restaurant! It has just been confirmed by Chestertown officials that a new burger joint will be coming to our beloved college town! Bob’s Burgers has made plans to open their restaurant on May 1. A perfect time for those of you who are participating in May Day! Plans are being constructed as we speak. Bob Belcher has made several trips to Chestertown to look around further at the new town they will be calling home. Now, some might call this fake news but I can confirm that this is most definitely a true reporting. Linda Belcher gave a statement saying she was, ”so excited for her kids to grow up in such a cute little town with really exciting people.” She also hopes to bring a musical aspect to the restaurant but her husband Bob shut down that idea fairly quickly. Bob Belcher hopes to bring his great food and friendly service to Chestertown along with his humorous and unique names for his famous burgers. Students have heard rumors around campus but no worries here, it is confirmed right here in this article. Be on the lookout for this exciting new restaurant. And the best part? If you show you student ID card when you pay your bill, you’ll get a student discount! So get ready Chestertown because the Belcher crowd is anxious for their business to start growing right here in our beloved college town.

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo Source:

April Fools Week

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