Last September: An Acting Adventure

thumbnail_last september.jpgWhen first auditioning for the spring Drama Draft, I had no idea there was a musical. When asked if I had a song prepared, I said yes before my brain even processed my answer. The next day I got a call back for the musical, “Last September”.

I literally screamed when I saw my name up on the cast list; my first real college play and I was so excited. Rehearsals started and I immediately fell in love with theatre all over again. Andrew Wink ’17, the senior who wrote and composed “Last September”, did an outstanding job on all of the music and the script. I was amazed when I first read it and heard all of the music. The cast composed of myself, Markel Williams ’20, Shannon Moran ’19, Hannah Sauer ’20, Conor Maloney ’19, Colin Higgins ’19, and Spencer Russell ’18.  Our amazing stage manager Katie Peacock ’19 was the queen bee of organizing every detail from rehearsals to giving the cast out kazoos and Ipads. Kendall Davis, our incredible director gave me so much confidence in my acting abilities that I didn’t even know existed in me. The band was all also ridiculously talented I was blown away. This cast has been so amazing we’re like our own little family.

This being my first college play, the cast and crew were all super supportive when I needed them. They were there during the fun and crazy practices but also during the stressfulness of tech week and the days looming to tech week. This production taught me that the theatre department is full of support and kindness. There isn’t one person that I didn’t come across that wouldn’t smile, say hello, and stay a moment to watch the production come to life. The first night that the play opened I was so nervous but the minute we all got on stage, I knew that I was in the best place with so many amazing people around me.

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Washington College Drama Department



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