Best Places to get Work Done Off Campus

unspecified.jpegLet’s face it, doing work at the library or in Toll can get a little monotonous, especially if you need to spend long periods of time at either place.  For those completing their thesis or working on long assignments, it is great to do work in new places. A simple setting change can help to give you some energy when it comes to tedious work. Working in the same place over and over again can also make you feel trapped and stuck. It is great to get off campus and explore Chestertown which has some great places that can change up the scenery and are also awesome for getting work done.  Here is a list of some places to check out.

  • Play it again Sam’s: This coffee/sandwich shop has a cozy atmosphere that is awesome for being comfortable while doing work. They have Wifi for you to use as well as delicious food. You can grab yourself an Alaskan to give you a little energy boost!
  • Evergrain: Here is another little coffee shop with wifi and great food to eat. It is bright and open and a great place to spend long hours.
  • Dunkin Donuts: Yes, even Dunkin is an awesome place to go. You’ll have great access to coffee and food and may even see some of your friends as then stop in for drinks.
  • The town library: This is located on High Street and it great to do if you are tired of out Miller Library!
  • The boat house: This is awesome if you want to be outside but do not feel like going to the Campus Green. It is great when the weather is warm and will help you feel productive and healthy.

Hopefully, these places around town will help change up your routine and makes your endless work seem less dreadful.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo by Brooke Harig

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