Birthday Ball, A Magical Time


Savannah and her date, Ben Fizer’ 19, pose for a picture at Birthday Ball

Just last weekend, I had the opportunity to experience my first Birthday Ball. All the excitement and anticipation leading up to George Washington’s extravagant birthday party was most definitely worth it. From the announcement of the theme to Giving Day to just hours before the ball, I was so excited to go to my first Birthday Ball. As a freshman, I had no idea what to expect but what I did was incredible.


Whenever someone asks me how my first ball was, all I can think are just three words: magical, amazing, and wonderful. I was able to wear my favorite prom dress again that fit the theme of Old Hollywood perfectly, I got ready with two of my close friends and took lots of fun pictures. Upon arriving at the JFC, I couldn’t hold my excitement as I squealed with happiness at the thought of how beautiful the theme would look. The minute I walked in it was so magical. The JFC had been completely transformed into a beautiful, classic scene. There was even a replica of the notorious Hollywood sign that looked stunning against all the drapes in red, golds, and creams. There were so many gorgeous gowns and dapper suits that it really did have an authentic Old Hollywood feel to the entire night. Afterward, there was breakfast so what better way to end the night with breakfast, am I right?

Overall, my first birthday was so fantastic that I’ll surely be counting the days and the hours till my next Birthday Ball.

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Savannah Masterson

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