Birthday Ball!

66897_bdayballticket.pngIt’s that magical time of the year when not only the weather begins to change but we also get to celebrate Birthday Ball! This year, despite the chance of rain, will be glamorous and fun since our theme is Old Hollywood. Embracing everything that is grace, elegant, and dazzling, girls will be attending the dance in gorgeous long gowns while the gentlemen will be looking dapper in suits. This is my first birthday ball, but from what I’ve heard it is so much fun with lots of music, dancing, and the theme is always so stunning it looks like something out of a movie. Students and faculty all come out to celebrate George Washington’s birthday every year. There’s always so much excitement surrounding the day that even before the dance beings there’s so much to do!! Men’s baseball, men’s lacrosse, and sho-troupe all have events going on and there’s a tailgate!

Birthday ball will begin at 8 pm and go on till 12 am. Alongside so much fun and dancing, there will be breakfast being served from 11:30 pm till 1:30 am completely complimentary. Students who are bringing outside guests must also present their id at the door. For those who are 21, there is a cash bar open till 11:30 pm and you must be wearing the provided wrist band. Despite the rain being called for tomorrow night, it will be such a wonderful day full of excitement that the rain won’t be a bother to all the fun surrounding campus! Have a wonderful Birthday Ball everyone!

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

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