10 Things You Think of While At Rehearsal


thumbnail_IMG_4605.jpgRehearsal season is in full swing for some of us which mean many amazing productions are coming to Gibson very soon! Those of you who are in shows, myself included, have been working incredibly hard in rehearsals but there are days when it can be hard to focus and make it through. On those days, we tend to get a little side tracked and it can be hard to focus back in and pay attention to notes and cues. It’s honestly kind of amazing what things we think of while trying to memorize lines, music, and blocking. During tonight’s rehearsal, here are 10 things I randomly thought of and maybe things other people may think during rehearsal too.


  1. “I wonder if I did a weird accent would my character be completely normal or strange.”
  2. “Wait which way do I leave again or do I sit down?”
  3. “Yay break!”
  4. “Would I actually be this character in real life or am I embracing it way too much?”
  5. “I’m singingggg, I’m in rehearsal and I’m singingggg.”
  6. “I need more caffeine. How many cups of tea/coffee have I had today?”
  7. “Heck yes I’m loving this costume I don’t wanna take it off.”
  8. “If I take a nap now, go to rehearsal, and then do all my homework will I still get enough sleep before classes or nah?”
  9. “Don’t laugh when you’re not supposed to, don’t laugh too late. Can’t stop won’t stop laughing now.”
  10. “I know how I can memorize this I can put it to a random song!”


Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Savannah Masterson

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