February Takes a Warm Turn

thumbnail_IMG_3163.jpgThese past two days have been some of the warmest that they have been in a long time and everyone is super excited about it. Everyone has taken the opportunity to spend time outside either studying on the library patio, eating on the Hodson patio, and even some classes were held outside. The good weather was a great break from the cold, emotionless, and boring winter weather. Let’s face it, warm weather with lots of sunshine puts everyone in a better mood. However, in February it is a little weird and kind of bizarre to have almost 70-degree weather and clear skies randomly in one of the coldest months but hey, are we really complaining? This is Maryland (and for those of you who have not lived in Maryland, welcome!), the state that has no clue what time of year it wants to be in. Unfortunately, the happy weather is coming to an end because we are getting snow tomorrow and next Thursday. I personally am not too excited about this snow but some people are excited about the possible flurries. On the plus side, the campus looks super pretty in the snow and it’s an excuse to take fun photos outside. If we get enough snow, classes might be canceled and we can all go play in the snow! Make sure you take the time to truly appreciate the lovely weather we’ve had the past few days because it probably won’t be back for a while.

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Savannah Masterson

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