Are you Brave Enough to be Bean Boozled?

Who doesn’t love jelly beans? They are chewy and they come in many delicious flavors that you can easily pop in your mouth. There is a new game that takes the love of jelly beans to a new level. It is called Bean Boozled and is a Jelly Belly product. In this game players take a chance when eating a jelly bean, the bean will either be a normal flavor or an odd disgusting flavor. Players spin a wheel with the images of different jelly beans on it and must eat the jelly bean the pointer lands on, however it is impossible to tell the difference between the yummy and gross jelly beans of the same color. For example, the pointer may land on a green jelly bean which could either be juicy pear or booger flavor! Talk about taking a chance. Some of the flavor combinations include coconut or spoiled milk, tutti-fruitti or stinky socks, and chocolate pudding or canned dog food.

Bean Boozled is a lot of fun if you get lucky and pick the good flavors, but trust me it is not as fun if you keep picking the gross ones. It is great to play at any time because it is quick and easy. Just make sure to have a trash can nearby so you can spit out all the gross flavors if you can’t handle them. I played the game with my housemates and they all really enjoyed it but only for a few turns each. The gross flavors can really take a toll on you if you keep picking them. So it’s great for quick little games and I’d only advise it for the brave because when you have the chance of getting peach or braf many will simply choose not to play.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo by Brooke Harig

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