Don’t let your Super Bowl Sunday Slack!

food.jpgSuper Bowl Sunday is just a few days away and many people are very excited. Watching the Super Bowl at college is always a little different from watching it at home. Mainly your mom isn’t around to make the delicious snacks, which always takes away from the fun if you ask me. However, being with you buddies and enjoying the game is a great perk of being here at WAC. If you are like me, and love the food aspect of Super Bowl Sunday just as much as you love the actual football part, then you will find ways to enjoy some good grub. Here are some of my snack suggestions to make your Super Bowl Sunday a touchdown!

  1. Order out! There is no shame is spending a little extra to have a great party. Get pizza from Dominos or Pizza Hut, or fried chicken from KFC. Want to be fancy? Try a sandwich platter from Subway. All of these are great ways to add to your day with out a lot of extra work.
  2. Make nachos! These are so easy and can be done in your microwave. Just pick up what ever you like to put on your nachos and have at it. It is a simple and easy way to enjoy a great snack.
  3. Whip out that crockpot. If you have one use it because there are so many simple and easy dip recipes you can make with a crockpot. This a a great way to make a larger snack to share with all your friends.
  4. Get fancy. If you have a kitchen use it and don’t be lazy. Make some simple pigs in a blanket or three cheese mac-n-cheese, the options are endless!
  5. Check out the frozen food section. Acme has so many frozen appetizer options that everyone will love. Grab a few of these and then you are set for the day!

Have a great Super Bowl!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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