Happy Syllabus Week!

syllabus-week-vs-finals-week-lets-see-your-everything-lim-8734049.pngThe 2017 semester is finally here and off to a rather rainy and unpleasant start. Hopefully you had a great winter break with time to relax and have fun. Now that classes are starting and it’s time to get back into our busy routines it my be difficult to find the motivation. All you may want to do is hang out with friends and catch up. However, before you know it the routines will be back in place and hard work will begin. For those writing their thesis, the spring semester is crunch time and deadlines are fast approaching.

With all of this stress of seemingly  impending doom it is important to enjoy what you can and be excited for this first week of classes. Syllabus week is the best time of any semester because students get to take it easy by being introduced to their classes. So take this week to unwind and get back to normal WAC life before all the hard work picks up.

Some of my favorite things to do during syllabus week is to hang out with my friends and catch up from our time apart over break. To do this I often suggest dinner dates at Sado, because I have really missed their two for one sushi deal!

No matter how you spend your syllabus week, use it wisely because you only get one a semester. I hope you all are as excited as me to be back!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source: https://pics.onsizzle.com/syllabus-week-vs-finals-week-lets-see-your-everything-lim-8734049.png

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