Don’t Forget about your Thesis!

student3.jpgThe last week of classes if finally here, and it really seems as if the semester has flown by. Finals are next week and then it is time for break. For many of the seniors break is prim time to get a lot of thesis work done because it is so long and we usually have little to do. However, getting a lot accomplished is easier said than done. When the time comes to do work when we are at home it is much nicer to put it off and enjoy yourself rather than do work. The key to make yourself do work over break is to set deadlines. Your advisor may just want something by the time we come back in January but that is far away and easy to forget. Doing little bits of work at a time will help you stay on top of things and save you from doing it all last minute. So make notes on your calendar to achieve something each week, and if it helps get out of the house to do your work. Head over to the nearest coffee shop or go to your local library! There is nothing like being in a place you don’t want to be in to help you get your work done faster. I know it is hard to do school work when you are on break, as it is very hard for me too, but it is important to make yourself get a jump on your thesis so you seniors can enjoy your last semester as much as possible!

Happy thesising!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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