Cyber Monday!

29906170001_3915363890001_CYBER-MON-2.jpgIt’s Cyber Monday and that means deals deals deals! If you are like me then you would rather shop the online deals then to have gotten caught up in in the Black Friday madness. I am not a fan of crowded malls full of push and cranky people, so I do not partake in any shopping after Thanksgiving. I find that many stores have online sales all weekend through to Cyber Monday (today). This is a great way to get the deals with out having to torture yourself with Black Friday shopping. I informed Santa (my mom) of some of the deals on items that I wanted for Christmas so she could save too! But most importantly I have used the online deals to get Christmas and birthday presents for my friends. What is better than getting great gifts for others and also saving some money? I love getting gifts for other people so this is a great time to shop and be frugal.

There are only a few hours left of Cyber Monday so do not miss out! Amazon has some great deals and fun gift options of you need ideas. Also check out the bookstore’s online website for their Cyber Monday deals. Hopefully you find some good stuff, happy shopping!


Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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