Thanksgiving Dinner is Here!

6358385433122453981470759723_thanksgiving.pngTomorrow evening its WAC’s famous Thanksgiving dinner! All students line up outside of the dinning hall to get a taste of the delicious thanksgiving food the dinning hall staff has prepared. This event is by far one of my favorites because the food is great and I get to spend it with my friends. Thanksgiving dinner at WAC is a great time to show appreciation and be thankful for all that you have around you. From your friends to you professors to your ability to be attending this school, make sure to reflect on all that you have. Each year my fellow AOII sisters and I all get a big table so we can enjoy the evening together. We like to talk about our friendship and why we are thankful for each other, which I find to be very nice because sometimes you forget to thank your friends for all that they do.

So make sure to grab your roommate or your friends and go enjoy thanksgiving dinner together. Not only is it fun to spend this time with friends but you also get a taste of thanksgiving food before the actual holiday! Prepare yourself because this will be a very busy dinner so make sure you have plenty of time to spare! See you there!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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