Savannah had a great time at Bingo! 

Tonight in Goose Nest, Student Events Board put together a fun, comedy themed game of bingo. They also created a really awesome snapchat filter for winners and players to use throughout the night. SEB not only made the event incredibly fun, but also told some hilarious jokes in between games of bingo. For example, “one snowman said to the other, do you smell carrots?” In a really weird way some of the jokes reminded me of something my dad might try to say to make me laugh.

I love a good game of bingo as much as the next person so naturally I got a little nervous every time I came close to getting a bingo. Anna Mayes ’19 came along with me and said, “I was close to winning three times and even though I didn’t win, it was a great time spent with friends and listening to corny jokes.” Sadly I did not win a prize however, the lucky few who did win won bookstore prizes, wireless beats, water speakers, a Fitbit, Bose speakers, and a Polaroid printer. SEB did a wonderful job of organizing the event as well as promoting the rest of the events for comedy week. The night was full of laughs, lots of bingo induced anxieties, and hopes of winning a bingo prize and basking in the glory. Each player received one bingo card for the entire night along with a few jokes on slips of paper to share with their friends. Overall it was a great night thanks to SEB and their comedy week! See the SEB Facebook page for more information of this week’s events!

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Anna Mayes

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