Waterfowl Weekend

thumbnail_Waterfowl Weekend.jpgThe eastern shore hosts so many fun festivals but my favorite by far is Waterfowl Weekend. Every year in November, the small town of Easton, MD holds an amazing festival that takes pride in the sport of waterfowl hunting. Being only 45 minutes from campus, Waterfowl Weekend is full of vendors, activities, and musicians for everyone to enjoy. People come from all over the state to go to the festival and walk around. The annual World Waterfowl Calling Challenge at Easton High School is an incredibly popular event. The calling championship will be held Saturday at 4pm. Tickets to this event are $10. Dock Dogs is another great event and most definitely one of my favorite events to watch. Labs, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers are among just some of the waterfowl dogs you see being walked around the festival or competing in events. Also on Saturday at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm are the retriever demonstrations which are always incredible to watch. Not only are there events to go to but there are beautiful art exhibits to see. Some of the most beautiful artwork is seen at the festival and every year I’m amazed by the talent. There are also amazing local musicians playing at various venues. If you have to opportunity to go down to Easton and visit the Waterfowl Festival I would highly encourage everyone to go! Even if you’re not from Maryland, everyone should be able to enjoy this festival! To see more information, head over to: http://www.waterfowlfestival.org/schedule/

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo Source: http://www.stardem.com/news/local_news/article_b0a45df3-5ad1-5197-94e2-23b82e6b9d88.html

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