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thumbnail_IMG_3163.jpgAs Advising Day comes to a close, all is quiet and calm until Friday starting at noon. All first year students will be rushing to computers to put in their requests for the spring semester with hopes of being able to take all the classes they want to. I know for me when I first started picking classes I was so excited to be able to get into the ones I wanted. Yet by the time my advising appointment came around, one of the classes I really wanted to take was full so my first reaction was, “No! I don’t get to take this class!” and then my second reaction was, “Wait, now what am I going to take?” Luckily there were other classes I was really interested in that were still available and I was able to fit it into the same time slot. I walked into my advising appointment with a plan for next semester that I wanted to be able to have. When I sat down with Dr. Locker, my advisor, we talked about my progress this semester and what I hoped to take in the spring. I explained to him that I would really love to be able to take the classes I picked out and he was more than happy to approve them. He thought they would all be the perfect classes for me and that made me so happy to have someone be so supportive of the classes that I wish to take. In high school I only got to pick two electives that I wanted to take but now that I’m in college and get to look at so many amazing courses that are offered, and it makes me so happy to be able to choose my own classes. So to all those first year students out there, take advantage of picking your own classes!

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Savannah Masterson

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