The Best Holiday of the Semester!

For many of the upper classmen, Advising Day is one of the best holidays of the year! This glorious day is so the freshmen class can meet with their advisors and pick classes for next semester. While the freshmen worry about what classes to take the rest of us use this day for work, relaxation, or fun! This year’s advising day is just a few days away, Wednesday the 9th.

This is a great day to get a jump on your work. For seniors you can put a lot of energy into that thesis you have been procrastinating. Spend the day at the library drinking coffee and getting your work done. You can even spend the day picking up some extra shifts at your job to make some extra cash.

If you do not have much to do you can use advising day for relaxation. Stay in bed all day eating take out food and binge watching Netflix. I’m sure a lot of you need some R&R that will help you finish out the semester.

Another thing you can do is have some fun! Hang out with friends and take a trip to the mall or chipotle, whatever you find most fun!

No matter what you do on this advising day, do what makes you happy and what is the best for you! If you need to go to the library make yourself go because this holiday only comes once a semester!

Happy Advising Day!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor


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