The Power of a Play

thumbnail_the pillow man.jpgTonight I had the honor and privilege of seeing the production of “The Pillowman” and I can honestly say I still have chills. The play was incredible, it constantly kept me intrigued and I was most definitely amazed at the emotion each actor put into their character. When I walked into Tawes Theatre and saw an actor on stage wearing a blindfold, I knew this was about to be an interesting production. From the time that the doors opened to the moment the show actually began, the main character just sat on a stool wearing the blindfold, completely still as if there weren’t a bunch of people around him carrying on conversation. Then once the production began and the plot thickened, I was immediately and completely invested into the show. My emotions were running high between laughing, crying, and getting goosebumps scene after scene. Each actor was so dedicated to embracing their character and they all did exactly that. I was so impressed at just how attached I became to the show. During the two intermissions, I would turn to my friends and we would all be wide eyed in shock at the scenes that happened before us. Each scene was filled with intense emotion, gestures, and dialogue. The play itself was so well organized, directed, and performed. If anyone hasn’t had the opportunity to see it, I would most definitely recommend going to see that last performance Friday night at 7:30pm! Please go out and see this show it was so well done and everyone should get the chance to witness such an amazing production.

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

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