Don’t Tell Me I’m Too Old For Halloween

Members of The Elm rock their best costumes

Even though I’m in my first year of college and technically an adult that is not going to stop me from being in the Halloween spirit. Dressing up is always fun and just because I’m an eighteen-year-old doesn’t mean I can’t come up with a fun costume too. I may not go out and trick-or-treat anymore but I can still go out with friends and meet up with other people who share the spirit of Halloween with me too. Being able to dress up as your favorite celebrities, movie characters, and book characters, allows you to embrace a completely different person and have the best night ever while doing it. When I dressed up as Taylor Swift, all night long I talked in lyrics and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. Two of my really good friends dressed up as Kanye and Kim K. and we all got to act like we had “Bad Blood” (like in Taylor’s hit song and recent Hollywood dram) but in all reality they are two of my best friends. Everyone got a laugh out of it and when I told my mom about it she just laughed as if it was totally normal for her eighteen-year-old daughter to dress up as Taylor Swift. Essentially, no one is ever too old to dress up and have fun. Let’s be real, Halloween only comes once a year, why not embrace the opportunity to dress up for a night, have fun, and be a someone you’ve always to be in life?


Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Brooke Harig


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