The Glory Days of Spirit Week

Savannah’s high school is decked out for spirit week! 

As we prepare for our homecoming this Saturday, I can’t help but think about my homecoming back at my high school. Not only is it this Saturday as well but this entire week my high school has been enjoying spirit week. No matter what year you were you lived for spirit week and the chance to win games at the pep rally then ultimately the spirit cup. Not to mention being able to be picked for the infamous “Walk” down the school’s hallway. Since my school was so small, each class picked four students who embodied the theme of the day and those students choreograph a walk down the hallway to earn their class points for the spirit cup. If you were picked to walk you took pride in your costume that day.

My senior year was probably my favorite year for spirit week. My class came together to go all out for each of the themes. The Friday before spirit week was always blue and white day which gave all the students and faculty a chance to rep our school colors. Monday was decade day, which allowed me to embrace my inner 80’s, styled Carrie Bradshaw from “The Carrie Diaries” and I completed the outfit with my very own Carrie bag. Tuesday went on to be animal day where everyone went all out for. One of my teachers used an umbrella and curled ribbon to make a jellyfish. Some people went with animal onesies while a couple of boys from my senior class from My Little Pony sweat outfits and wore those to school, it was absolutely hilarious. Wednesday was everyone’s favorite day, Maryland Pride Day. You couldn’t walk the halls without seeing Terps gear, the Maryland Flag, waterfowl hunters, crabs, or homemade costumes resembling Old Bay cans. That day my friend and I collaborated to be the Maryland’s Most Prideful where she dressed up as our history teacher who claimed to love our state more than anyone else and I dressed up as Miss Maryland. We got to walk for our class and I have to say her and I did a pretty great job with our choreography down the hallway.

Thursday was the pride and joy of the school when each classes dressed as a group color and then challenged one another in the pep rally. Seniors, decked out in red, led the way by performing a secret flash mob dance in the middle of the gym before the games began. Juniors in green, sophomores in yellow, and the freshmen in purple all were so surprised by the random dancing happening in the gym. My senior class had left a legacy that day with our choreography and multiple wins in the pep rally. Last but not least on Friday, everyone showed their school pride wearing blue and white. Myself along with a few other classmates dressed up and Frozen characters and proceeded to run down the hallways singing all the songs from the movie. I have to say it was pretty great yelling, “do you wanna build a snowman?” in the middle of the hallways as music played over the intercom.

As the week comes to an end, I can’t help but think back to my senior year and remember the chaotic, fun, mess that was once a year in high school that everyone was always looked forward to.

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Savannah Masterson

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