Happy Homecoming!

thumbnail_SEB.jpgThe falling leaves, cool breeze, and the end of October mean that homecoming week is officially here! Student Events Board has worked incredibly hard to put together a great homecoming week as well as some really great activities planned out for the students to enjoy. Starting the week off, Wednesday night is the homecoming tailgate at Kirby Stadium where the Shorewomen’s Soccer Team has their Crucial Kick/Pink Out game against Haverford at home where the debut of new t-shirt canon will appear at halftime! Shorewomen’s Volleyball Team also plays Haverford starting at 7pm in the Cain Gymnasium. Thursday night starting at 9pm at Kirby Stadium, super fun games of bubble soccer are happening! From the sounds of it, it seems to be one of the student’s favorite homecoming activities. Everyone comes out to either be a part of the games or just come out to watch. Then Friday night there will be the homecoming fire pit which will be held at the Dorchester fire pit beginning at 9pm. That means Saturday is homecoming! From 9pm-12am, our homecoming dance will be held at the Hodson Green just behind Hodson Dining Hall. This year’s theme is neon which means that homecoming will surely be a ‘glowing’ night for every student and faculty member. With all kinds of events going on there are so many great activities to be a part of as we count down the days till the homecoming dance this Saturday!

As exciting as this week will be, there is always so much work and preparation to be done and SEB does a great job of making sure every event go smoothly. I got to talk to freshman Will Hewitt ’20 about what it has been like working on the SEB team and help plan these events. I asked him what the best part about working with SEB has been and he said, “I think honestly the people. They were so open when we first joined and made us a part of the family and it’s been really great.” Being a first year student and working on such a big project may seem a little intimidating but when I asked him how he was handling things as a first year student, Hewitt said, “it’s actually pretty cool. I knew going in to campus I wanted to be involved and this seemed to be the perfect platform and I’m really happy with my decision to apply!” The SEB does such an amazing job of planning and executing such amazing events for students to enjoy on campus. Being a freshman and seeing all the wonderful things SEB puts on makes me happy that we have an organization like SEB to put on fun events like these. Having a group of students in an organization like SEB who want to make campus lively and energetic shows how great our students are. SEB has done great work making this year’s homecoming activities enjoyable for all the students on campus. So don’t be afraid to go out there and have fun this week!

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo Source: Washington College SEB

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