It’s Time to Layer up

63948_walking_outside_28.jpgIt is finally starting to get cold, and that means bundled up walks to class and then sitting hot or equally cold classroom. It can be hard to dress yourself properly when you leave for class in the early morning and then don’t get back to your dorm until dinner time. The Mornings will start out cold making you want to dress extra warm and then by the afternoon it is sunny and hot and you wish you had not worn your biggest sweater. The key to beating this debacle is layers! This way you can take something off when you are sweating in an unbearably hot classroom, or if you need to put something back on because you picked a cold cubicle in the library.

It is always easy to take something off rather than not having enough on to keep you warm. Some versatile pieces for this tricky weather season are vests and scarves. Vests keep your core warm while allowing your arms to stay cool. Pair it with your favorite flannel and you will be fashionable and comfy. A scarf can help make windy walks to class more bearable and keep you warm. Having something around your neck to keep you insulated can make you feel a lot warmer. And when you get warm just take it off and put it in your backpack.

Make sure to check each day’s forecast you so you can be prepared for anything. Remember to layer up and you will be comfortable in any situation!


Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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