The Excitement of Working In College

IMG_3005.jpgNow that I’ve officially tackled my first month of college, I wanted to do something to keep myself even busier, crazy right? Well not exactly. I like having my days filled with things to do because at the end of the day I get to look back on all the excitement. So naturally, I went job hunting and found two amazing jobs. The first is working with preschoolers at Garnett Elementary School. The teachers have been nothing but amazing while I’m learning the tasks of being a teacher’s aide. The kids are all so wonderful and sweet along with an extremely welcoming staff. I only work a few hours a week around my classes, which makes everything less stressful so I can handle working and keeping up with my studies. My second job is blogging for The Elm! I’ve always loved writing to begin with and now I get to work so closely with such dedicated editors who are willing to show me the world of journalism. To see people who love their job and to share it with others is such a blessing to people like me because I get to learn about the dedication and work ethic it takes to be a great writer. Taking on these two jobs and working so closely with kind-hearted individuals makes me look forward to the days I go to the elementary school or the days I get to submit a piece for The Elm’s blog, and talk with my editor who has been nothing but generous. For anyone who has concerns about working while being in school, don’t be afraid to look for a few hours after class because it’s an opportunity to get yourself involved in the community alongside having a great work experiences that can help you in the future. It’s okay to wait until you’re comfortable before working because I did that and it was probably one of the best things I did. It gave me time to prepare myself for putting in extra hours in my day that I took for granted. Now that I’m working I’m looking forward to all the days I get to spend doing what I love.

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Savannah Masterson

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